Acadia provides sales and marketing services to the manufacturing and industrial space. Founded and run by engineers, the Acadia team understands the manufacturing space. 

A Little Bit About Acadia

After being founded over 20 years ago as a sales prospecting company, Acadia has grown immensely and with this, we have been able to expand what we do.

We are unique in that we offer custom built sales and marketing programs that can incorporate both the latest digital marketing and sales tactics. We pride ourselves on constantly learning and evolving to give our clients a competitive advantage over others in the manufacturing industry.


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We find clever ways to overcome challenges since "one size doesn't fit all".

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We scrutinize data and probe problems, then engineer the right solution. 

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We walk side by side with clients and employees to provide direction, clarity and security.

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We are truthful and honest with both clients and employees and ensure it is reciprocated.

What Exactly is Lead Management?

Lead management is the process of generating leads through inbound and/or outbound marketing efforts. After the lead has shown interest, but is still in the decision-making process, your product/service information will be presented to them in a logical way which is known as nurturing. Nurturing has many forms, but often as email or paid advertisement. This is done until the potential customer engages with your product or service, ideally creating a deal.

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What makes the Industrial & Manufacturing space unique?

Industrial and manufacturing is different than general consumer businesses; we completely understand. The longer than average sales cycles makes it difficult to accurately predict revenue streams leading to stress and uncertainty with available cash flow. Often overlooked in these industries, marketing, and sales methodologies, when properly implemented can alleviate this stress and give businesses a competitive advantage over those who choose to not participate.

Our leaders at Acadia all come from engineering backgrounds, later finding their passions in sales and marketing consulting. We excel in helping the industrial and manufacturing niche because we can understand your jargon and processes, converting them into a successful pitch, no need to ‘dumb it down’.



Our Services

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