Sales Managers: The Software Stack To Turbocharge Your Team in 2022

By Jonathan Costet, January 31, 2022

While the exact list depends on who you ask, the following (alphabetized) traits are all critical for a sales manager: Able to coach, analytical, available, confident, empathetic, good listener, innovative, leads by example, loyal, motivating, passionate, positive attitude, serves vs. dictates, strategic vision, strong communicator, and thoughtful. However, checking off most (or all!) of the […]

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The 3 Stories Every Company Should Know And Share Often

By Kelly Breslin Wright, January 11, 2022

Most companies’ narratives revolve around products, features, and value propositions.  And while those are definitely important, there’s a much bigger opportunity to build emotional connections. When you think about category-defining companies, they’re overwhelmingly the ones who engage their customers’ emotions through storytelling. Throughout my leadership career, I’ve held countless sales kickoffs, all-hands meetings, and keynotes. […]

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These are the 5 best data-backed sales tips of 2021

By Devin Reed, December 27, 2021

This article is part of the Gong Labs series, where I publish findings from our data research team. We analyze sales conversations and deals using AI, then share the results to help you close more revenue. Subscribe here and follow me to read upcoming research. This year Gong Labs uncovered… secrets.  Like the deadly simple negotiation mistake preventing you from […]

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Why (And How) To Continually Break And Adapt Your Company’s GTM Model As You Grow

By Craig Hanson, December 21, 2021

If you don’t break your GTM model, your growth will. In their initial stage of growth, most CEOs, CROs and CMOs expect that if they can crack the code on their company’s go-to-market (GTM) model — product-market fit, ideal customer profile, differentiated value, market positioning, and sales model — then they can just focus on executing […]

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Loss Aversion: How Top Reps Close More With Psychology

By Jonathan Costet, December 13, 2021

WARNING: THE FOLLOWING ARTICLE DEALS WITH PSYCHOLOGY, THE SCIENCE OF MIND AND BEHAVIOR.  Specifically, we’ll be diving into behavioral economics, “the study of psychology as it relates to the economic decision-making processes of individuals and institutions” (Investopedia). Buckle up. The headline kinda gives it away, but in case you missed it, today we’ll be talking […]

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